Attention Journal #1

This is an hour of my night, didn’t have homework to do so I decided that I was going to relax and try to find something interesting online.

8:00pm: opened my mac, immediately got on Facebook

8:05pm: spent about 5 to 10 min snooping on my Facebook home page

8:10pm: got on and read some news regarding the decline of lady gaga

8:15: checked my phone, was about to have an anxiety attack because i hadn’t checked it in 15 min (pathetic)

8:16pm: responded to my text messages

8:20pm: got back on facebook and started to chat with some friends

8:30pm: checked my phone again and kept responding to text messages

8:32pm: checked instagram and creeped on it for about 10 min

8:42pm: responded to my Facebook messages

8:43pm: opened 2 new tabs, HBO Go and

8:44pm: searched on HBO Go : Beyonce X10

8:45pm: selected the 1+1 video performance and watched it

8:50pm: responded to more text messages and browsed through the Beyonce website

8:55pm: selected the Partition performance video and kept on texting while watching it, ignoring my Facebook chat windows

9:00pm: The moment  when I realized I wasted time and I really didn’t commit to any task in particular, nor did I find anything particularly interesting.*sigh*

Today I decided I’d try to stay away from my social media and pay attention in my Art of the Baroque class:

12:55pm: sit in my usual seat, open my computer, get on CometNet and open a new note taking page on Pages

1:00pm: class starts and I turn my phone so I couldn’t see the screen and not get distracted by messages.

1:15pm: oh the anxiety, when I don’t think about my phone and who has texted me I seem to be able to focus, but the minute I think about what I’m “missing” it just feels like I’m gonna have a teeny tiny anxiety attack.

1:20pm: after debating if I should check my phone or not I decided not to, and i kept paying attention in class. It would be better for me to just not think about it and focus on what the teacher is trying to explain.

1:30pm: logged on to the online course reserve to pull up some readings for the class, tempted to check Facebook but decided not to.

1:45pm: found the readings i needed but i thought i should leave it like it is and read them after class is over.

1:50pm: decided I should close my mac to avoid temptation.

2:15pm: left class with a feeling of accomplishment because I was able to focus, didn’t get distracted by texts or other things and I realized that if I just pay attention to one thing I will feel like I was actually productive and didn’t waste my time in class, even though much of the material is self explanatory.

Since this class began I have definitely been more aware of how much I use social media and how much I really need to cut back. This exercise is definitely the first step I needed to compare and contrast how much attention and how much I can get accomplished when I’m actually focused on one single task.


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