Twitter List

Rolling Stone Magazine – Latest news about music, album reviews and other events that are related to music and artists. Latest news include a preview of Pink Floyd’s new album.


Fader – News about emerging pop music artists, producers, albums and pop culture news. Recent news include Luke James’ debut album and Jennifer Lopez’s latest music video.


Pop Justice – pop music news and reviews to albums and singles that have been released recently. Also comments on pop culture and trends, such as Beyonce’s disregard for peoples sleeping schedules when it comes to releasing new music.


Preston Jones – pop music critic for star telegram and dwfdotcom, he does album and concert reviews and tweets about producers and their work in the pop music genre. Recent tweets include commentary about new album by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett and other recent releases.


Randal Roberts – Pop music critic for LA Times and reviews music from emerging artists in the pop/alternative scene. Lately he has been tweeting about live shows and what artists have been posting on their social media.


Joey Guerra – Pop music critic for the Houston chronicle. He also interviews artists and reviews concert tours, he just shared news about Kylie Minogue’s new concert tour “Kiss Me Once Tour”.


Sean Daly – Pop music critic for the Tampa Bay Times and also reviews music that has been released previously and that remains relevant until this day.






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