Blog Roll


  • This blog is written by Arjan Writes who is a music critic for Apple and also for, he is very much active on twitter and other social media. Going through his blog I found a very helpful blog roll with all the ones that he follow that are on the same topic. What I like about his blog is that he doesn’t only talk about albums but also about concerts, music videos and singles, great for reviewing purposes.


  • Electrocutie is a blog created by Erica Russell, who is the music editor for Ladygunn Magazine and Electronic Magazine. The interesting thing about this blog is that it introduces new female singers into the pop scene, which can be also a refreshing thing to look at new talent and trends and also spread the word about their music.

Jon Ali’s Blog

  • Jon Ali is a DJ and also a writer for, he as interviewed artists such as Lady Gaga, JoJo, Fifth Harmony and Robyn. He reviews albums, singles, music videos and live shows as well as interviews with up and coming artists. He also links and promotes new singles and albums. This is a great blog to go to for music video reviews and links.  Blog has been active since 2006


  • MuuMuse is a blog by Bradley Stern who also writes for MTV Buzzworthy and the New York Times, the blog has been active since 2007 and it deals with concert reviews, interviews, album reviews and pop news, and there is a whole Beyonce section. This blog is a pop music Diva central, focusing on artists such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, great for news and reviews on an specific artist, this is probably my favorite out of all 5, being that pop divas are one of my main sources of interest.


  • KickKickSnare is a considerably successful blog, being selected as the Grammy blogger for EDM and all music since 2012, with millions of hits across the world according to their about page, even though there is no author information on the about page, with all their accomplishments it seems like a source that I can trust. This is mostly a blog about up and coming artists and alternative music, it is a great source for researching new artists and new sounds.


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