Me. I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse

"Me. I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse" Album Cover

“Me. I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse” Album Cover

“Me. I Am Mariah. The Elusive Chanteuse” was released in May this year as Mariah Carey’s comeback album after 2009’s masterpiece “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel.” Much was expected from the “songbird supreme” and she delivered an album that brought tracks that can be compared to Mariah classics like “Vision of Love,” unfortunately the album was a complete disappointment on the charts and it was quickly forgotten and the musical gems that it holds were left to be enjoyed by hardcore fans only.

The reason why I have decided to dig out this album and bring it back to light is because Mariah has embarked on her first proper world tour in almost 8 years, titled “The Elusive Chanteuse Show” and soon she will be in America, reminding us that she is still the powerhouse diva she was back in the 90s and it is appropriate to review and listen to the underrated songs that MC has been recording for the past 3 years.

Kenneth Partridge from did a track by track review of the album and we both seem to agree on several highlights of the album, starting with personal favorite, disco inspired “You Don’t Know What To Do;” this is Mariah’s successful attempt at a dance song on the album, beginning with a simple piano and her vocals and then turning into a “I’m over you and now I want to dance and be happy” anthem. Definitely one of the albums best songs and one of the most danceable Mariah tracks ever recorded.

If you are a “We Belong Together” fan, then “You’re Mine(Eternal)” is the song you might want to pay close attention to. Released on Valentine’s Day this love song is done in grand style like most of Mariah’s ballads, culminating with her trademark whistle tone that made her a legend. This is her, this is Mariah.

“Money” is an acquired taste that ends in a pleasing feast for the ears, making “holidays” and “hollandaise” fit in one verse, MC is saying that money is nothing and that what really matters is enjoying life and having a good time regardless of material things.

Mimi is at her most feisty in “Thirsty” calling out people that want to climb on her fame and are thirsty to become someone. This is one of the few moments when she is heard being defiant and willing to call someone out that is trying to take advantage of her.

Finally, “Cry,” the opening song of the album is a complete throwback to old school, piano only Mariah. A ballad is the appropriate way for her to open her album, showcasing her great vocal abilities and getting the listeners ready for the journey that can be “The Elusive Chanteuse.”

Mike Wass for summarizes the album as an “incredibly solid body of work that makes more sense when listening to it as a whole, this is a concept album that gives Mariah what she needs to showcase her pipes.” Carey is one of the most successful female artists of all time, with 18 number one singles in the US and holding the two most successful songs on the billboard charts in music history; although some may argue that her time is up and that she is no longer relevant, Mariah shows us at age 45 and with twins she can still deliver high quality music regardless if she is “hot or not” and bringing “The Elusive Chanteuse Show” to the States will put her back to at the top.

Go out and buy a copy of this album and you will not regret it, this is music and vocals at its finest, most versatile and inspirational, and if you do buy a copy let me know what you think and what your personal favorites are. Be sure to get your tickets as soon as tour dates are announced and experience the magic of Mariah in person.


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