On The Run Tour – Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce and Jay-Z "On The Run" Tour.

Beyonce and Jay-Z “On The Run” Tour.

Written in collaboration with:

Leah Gilpatrick and Manny Garcia 

It’s important to explore different mediums of music and performance. Even if such performers are a different genre than usual, inspiration can still be drawn. Singer Beyonce and rapper/husband Jay-z took a tour together recently, which redefined what it means to throw a breathtaking concert. The opening of the show was nothing short of what can be expected of the two performers, starting with a video backdrop that showed them as a couple of criminals who are running away from the law and both of them very much in love. The video ends and the crowd goes insane when the giant screen in front of them splits in half and they come out. The opening song of the show is “03’ Bonnie and Clyde” the first song they recorded together more than 10 years ago and it is one of the highlights of the show, setting the tone of what there is to come.

Leila Cobo from billboard.com agrees that the songs seem to bleed into another, creating a seamless connection of music that works out perfectly for the duo, uniting their unique sound in a way that does not seem forced or overworked, the music just flows for itself. Joshua Alston from avclub.com mentions that the couple’s music seemed to work so well because they had been put in a stage together that allowed them to complement each other and bring out their own musical styles in a very enjoyable way.

After “03’ Bonnie and Clyde” the hits keep coming, “Upgrade U,” “Crazy in Love” and “Tom Ford” took the audience to a whole different energy level, getting them prepared for the next two and a half hours of non stoping mind blowing performances.

One of the most exciting moments of the concert was “Partition,” with a pole dancing routine, very small leotards, cheetah print projected onto Beyonce and her dancers, only to culminate with a chair dancing routine that defied gravity and set the venue on fire.

Jay-Z was never behind on surprising the audience either, with “Clique,” “N***as in Paris” and “Big Pimpin” he reminded the audience that he is one of the most successful rappers in music history and that he could deliver a great performance with just a mic and his words.

By the end of the show, The Carters had been seen dancing, singing and portraying their lives as two fugitives, running away from everyone and everything and taking whatever they wanted along the road, but instead of finishing the show with a song that could keep carrying that feeling, they decided to show their real side.Beyonce and Jay-Z moved to the middle stage to sing “Young Forever/Halo” and to show videos of them when they first started dating, when they got married and when Blue Ivy was born. It was no longer about the music and the costumes, it was about love, intimacy and letting the fans into their lives, their real lives.

Performers of such magnitude  have to have the best possible aesthetics to set the mood of the show.  Electronic music festivals have started amping up their values of production, but none have had the sense of fantastical showmanship as the On The Run Tour. Coordinating lighting schemes to match the dance choreography of a concert of this scale is essential. Event Designer Leroy Bennett who has an impressive resume of famous clients was called in to plan the lighting and stage setup. Pyrotechnics were also thrown in the mix for dramatic flair at choice moments throughout the 2 and a half hour concert. Intimate pictures of the personal life of the two performers were dispersed within the background, which gave fans a better sense of involvement. So were adorable videos of their baby, Blue Ivy. Personally this is a great approach at making them seem more accessible, and I think electronic music artists could take a page from their book and add a little personal heart into shows.

Beyonce’s outfits on this tour are nothing short of spectacular. Clothing Designer Versace made most of the sparkling and skintight bodysuits she sports throughout the show.  One outfit, sporting a 16. 4 foot long American flag trailing  train, took over 500 hours to hand craft. Beyonce changes costumes in accordance to the themes of the particular song she’s singing. She looks great for having recently had a baby, but the often skimpy outfits caused controversy. So did rumors of divorce prior to the concert, which only increased ticket sales when the tour was announced. No publicity is bad publicity, as they say. It certainly sold out when it came to Dallas!

Once in a while, huge megastars come to the DFW metroplex to put on a great show. The On The Run Tour featured Beyonce and Jay-Z as a collaboration concert that literally went worldwide. There are very few co-headlining tours that ever happen with such big stars like Beyonce and Jay Z, so the fact that they came to this area is an incredible feat for Dallas. Their final concert was in Paris, France and was televised on HBO. They stopped in Arlington, TX at the AT&T Stadium with two large screens and sold out all seats up to 80,000 screaming fans.

The AT&T Stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys, so there is always something happening. For example, the Arizona Cardinals are playing against the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday. Tickets can be bought here and you can also look at the events calendar for another game or concert you may be interested in attending.

Livenation and Ticketmaster promote thousands of other concerts all over the country including the On the Run Tour and other very rare collaborations. Another collaboration that Jay Z has taken part in was with Justin Timberlake in the Legends of the Summer Tour last year. Currently, Justin Timberlake is on The 20/20 Experience World Tour and he is coming to Dallas on December 3rd at the American Airlines Center. This tour is over 2 hours long with over 30 songs including Suit and Tie, Holy Grail, What Goes Around… Comes Around, SexyBack, and Mirrors, to name a few. It is rumored that he even sneaks in N*Sync songs that brought him fame to begin with. It is definitely going to be an epic concert and a great way to spend your night. Click here to purchase tickets!

Let’s remove the idea that concerts have to be a certain way and continue pushing boundaries! Every music artist is not lets say, as famous as Beyonce and Jay-z, but adding amazing costumes, visuals, and personal flair to any event is going to make it much more memorable than otherwise. Regardless of controversy raging about their personal lives and wardrobe choices, they managed to create and unforgettable moment with all who got to share the experience.


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