Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour and a Wikipedia editing experience

Madonna performing. Blond Ambition Tour 1990

Madonna performing. Blond Ambition Tour 1990

After being a wikipedia reader for many years and spending countless of hours on it reading article after article, it was a bit exciting to finally learn how to edit an article and go “behind the curtains” only to find out that it is really not that easy to use all those codes and combinations. This is how my adventure started:

I was browsing through Madonna’s wikipedia page like I usually do on a regular basis, just to see if there is any more information regarding the new album that will be coming out soon or if old tours will be released on DVD, which is what took me to the Blond Ambition Tour page and I noticed that a few words were not linked to songs or albums, so I decided to jump in an edit an article that I found very interesting and that could help others connect more articles to this one and understand the whole concept and background of the concert even better.

Opening the editing box and trying to find the words that I needed to link was a bit confusing and time consuming, it took me several tries to get the coding right and I’m not gonna lie, I was not happy about that. A light bulb went on inside my brain and I decided to look at how the other links had been done and thats when I was finally able to understand it and do it.

After that initial phase of not understanding and then overcoming it, I found it rather interesting and I realized how much  time and dedication it takes to write an article on Wikipedia, and if I had to do it it would take me hours or even days to create one that is properly formatted, coding is just something that I have never been good at. It was a small challenge but a good one, I took baby steps into what it is like to edit an article.

When my editing was done I felt rather good because I felt like I had contributed to make an article better and more detailed than how it was before, even if it was a couple of inner links, it still helps and makes it more clear in case the person who is reading it has no idea of Madonna’s touring history, how the Blond Ambition Tour became the best tour of the 1990s and how its iconic fashion is still relevant 24 years later.

From cone bras to coding, this was a pleasant experience overall and in the future I will not hesitate to edit another Wikipedia article if I have the chance to. It is all about contributing to the community, to make sure that everyone is well informed and can access information quickly and can enjoy doing so.

Now lets take a journey back in time to 1990 and enjoy a few clips of the Blond Ambition Tour. Happy watching and feel free to leave any comments regarding the videos, music, fashion or wikipedia editing tips!

“Express Yourself” was the opening song, suggestive choreography and costumes got Madonna much attention.

For this particular performance of “Like a Virgin,” Madonna almost got arrested and her show was close to being cancelled in Canada.

One of the most intense moments of the show, Madonna takes the audience to a whole different place with “Like a Prayer.” Because of the use of Catholic symbols, the Vatican urged people to not attend her shows and they managed to cancel one of the shows in Italy.

Iconic performance of “Vogue”

And finally “Keep it Together” was the closing song of the show, perfect way to end it.


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