Connections, Connections

Identifying a reliable source is not an easy thing to do, but identifying a source that is reliable and that has the power to reach a considerable amount of people is even harder. In this particular topic that I explore in my blog, it is extremely easy to come across sources that either only talk about celebrity gossip or make up rumors about upcoming music and albums, which is never ideal.

One of my most reliable, well known and consistent in the quality of their posts and the credibility of them is, which is an independent site for pop music fans that focuses on pop hits. It is one of my favorite sources to use because of the credibility of their writers, who also write for other prominent sites like, and because of the layout of their articles and how organized they are.

Another great source that even has its own app in the Apple App Store is, written and created by Bradley Stern who also collaborates for and even the New York Times. His blog is sometimes not as serious as idolator can be, but by putting his own twist and recognizable wit to his posts, he manages to deliver credible information in a way that is entertaining to read and easy to absorb.

Even though finding reliable and relevant sources is not easy, once you find them you can expand your circles and connect with other people that share the same passion for music, it all comes down to building connections that can improve the quality and quantity of knowledge that there is out there.


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